AAP audio ASW 118

The compact Blackline ASW118 sub bass system has been designed to be
used with F12+ and F15+ full-range systems to extend and increase the
total low frequency output power.

The ASW118 provides good bass punch with extended sub bass output from a
new long excursion,18"460mm/4"100mm voice coil driver with a water resistant
cone and triple roll surround.

The ASW118 is provided with a top hat fitting that can be used to pole mount
an AKP-12 or AKP-13 above the enclosure.


1. Compact vented sub-bass
2. Direct radiating 18” (460mm) driver
3. High temperature 4” (100mm) voice coil
4. Large ports ensure low air noise
5. Top hat fitting for pole mounting AKP-12/AKP-13


1. Live club performance
2. Club installs
3. AV presentations